WhirlCool Multi D unit

Finally our new product “Multi D” produced in high quality


36000 Btu: Type1= 12000 x 3 Type2= 18000 x 2

42000 Btu: 24000×1 + 18000×1

48000 Btu: Type1= 24000 x 2 Type2= 24000 x 1 + 12000 x 2

New Product: Multi D

Multi D (Multi Ducted split unit) is a split system including one outdoor unit and several indoor units.

The indoor units are all Ducted type in the same or different capacity that it’s possible to use wall mounted or floor type of indoor units too. But the base of Multi D in Ducted type.

Ducted Split indoor unit

Comparing with other brands, Americancooled‘s Ducted split unit is special in some parts:

1- Fan: separate turbo fans, Super silent, 130 degree of heat tolerance

2- Body: Excellent CNC cutting, Very light, Full insulated

3- Coil: Gold&Blue&Silver, 12 fin/inch DX coil, 150 microns fin density, Under pressure of nitrogen

separate super silent fan ducts with high quality and high pressure static

American Cooled’s latest activities

American Cooled team will design a new form of ducted split indoor unit


This type of indoor unit included dx coil + water heater coil and two aluminum blower fans in high static pressure with an elegant steel body.

Please comment your idea if you have