About us

AMERICAN COOLED brand has found by Mr. Hossien Gholam Zadeh, manager of T.S.V company ( Tahvie Sazan Vatan ) & founder owner of WhirlCool  brand in field Air conditioning systems since 2015.

We are producing air-conditioning systems in high quality based on Middle-East ambient and building conditions. We export our goods around the ME by our agents that are trying to show us to another countries more and more. some of the main products are Chillers, fan Coils, Roof-Top packages and Ducted split units in our workshops throughout Tehran province.

Most of the equipment we use are known brands around the world. In ducted split units, we import outdoor units from another countries but produce indoor unit in our workshops.


There are lots of famous brands in our country that people like them and always buy them just due to one attitude. They have always say : Foreign Products are better than domestics. They always think about that and buy their things with this attitude. They don’t care about domestic products at all. We have many factories around our country that produce the best. Also, if your goods have not a sensible name, they don’t buy. Just a sensible name? yea, off course. Then, there is a way for intelligent producers here to stay alive in industry. That is choosing a sensible name for the products. So, what are the sensible names? Answer: It’s so simple, they love  AMERICAN , European, Japanese, Korean and at last Chinese products.

We named our goods in a sensible brand name AMERICAN COOLED just because of that attitude. I know you dear readers will understand us, we need economic growth in our country.

With kind regards / Hossien Gholam Zadeh