Multi D

Multi Split

Multi Split air conditioners are here to offer flexibility, high energy savings and great performance according to your needs and your room peculiarities. Get advantage of the capability to connect 4 indoor units to one outdoor unit.

What is a Multi Split air conditioner?

The multi split air conditioning systems are quite the same with the wall mounted or Ducted air conditioners. The basic difference is the capability to connect more than one indoor units to one outdoor. With this capability we can reduce the purchasing cost of air conditioners for different rooms and save space in the balcony or the yard. However, we should take care of the outdoor unit power in order to cover the requirements of the indoor units and their simultaneously operation. Moreover, the outdoor unit should be placed so that the length of the connection pipes to the indoor units will not surpass the suggested length from the manufacturer.

The Multi D units are released by WhirlCool Corporation brand, Produced by T.S.V Group.

How Multi D works?

Multi D (Multi Ducted split unit) is a split system including one outdoor unit and several indoor units.

The indoor units are all Ducted type in the same or different capacity that it’s possible to use wall mounted or floor type of indoor units too. But the base of Multi D in Ducted type.

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