Some of the main projects designed, calculated, completed and done by T.S.V company :

American Cooled

1-Kabul, Afghanistan: cold room evaporators + roof-top package + Designing all systems of bleeding and cold rooms opening up with president Ashraf Ghani Zi

2-Kerman, Tina Protein Kish: Ducted splits + roof top package

3-Pasargad building: Ducted splits (50 units)

4-Gheytariye, Tehran, Mirzapoor alley: Ducted splits (28 units)

5-Amir Kabir university: Split

6-Tehran university: Split

7-Emam Khomeini Hospital: Split

8-Sienna Hospital: Split

9-Mehrad complex: split (700 units)

10-Dampezeshki university: Split

11-Solmaz complex: Chiller (2 units) + fan coils (350 units)

12-Karaj, Mehrshahr: Chiller + fan coils

13-Dizan complex: Chiller + fan coils

14-Mashhad, Torghabah: Duct split

15- Gol’e Yas building, Golzar St, Tehran: 50 Ducted split units

16- Amir Kabir Blvd, Rah Ahan Town, Tehran: 24tr Air-Cooled Chiller + 12 Wall-Mounted Fancoils + Boiler